International 5 things you can do to enliven the international...

5 things you can do to enliven the international breaks of boredom


International breaks are up there with some of the most dreaded things that this world has to offer. Some have suggested that it’s nearer the top of the pile rather than the bottom. Whatever the case may be, it is almost unquestionable that they are in no way welcome into a soccer fan’s world. So, here are 10 things you can do—unless you’re that kid who likes to watch countries play friendlies and stuff (or even better, you’re playing in it)—to ensure that this international break goes through as swiftly as Héctor Bellerín when he’s tracking back during a counter:

  • Play FIFA/PES

Arguably the best option in this list. EA Sports and Konami have gone to tremendous efforts to ensure that they make a boatload of money by taking advantage of our weak spot. Addicts as we are to the sport, we cannot simply stand up to those two corporate juggernauts since that would end our supply of the yearly drug we gracefully receive each September. Anyways, the point is, enjoy the game to your heart’s content. Now I’m starting to think those two numbskull organizations might be more than just sponsors to FIFA…

  • Watch football videos on YouTube

This is highly recommended. You won’t even notice the minutes flying away.

  • Gain some smarts for Fantasy

Oh, you know what I’m talking about. Those in-depth charts or statistical articles that you could never make sense of during busy days and rough weeks—this is the time to make some sense out of them. Visit WhoScored, or Squawka, or whomever you prefer. Use this time wisely. It might pay off at the end of the season.

  • Go out and play (for real)

You might want to stretch first, though. Otherwise, you’ll end up here:

Gather some friends, shoot some balls, rediscover why you fell in love with the game in the first place. This is proven to be a constant supplier of goosebumps.

  • Read books on soccer

This is my deepest fantasy (not really). Reading a soccer book throughout the length of a vacation (which is what the international break is, in my humble opinion).

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