Premier League Liverpool: Klopp needs to improve consistency with more quality...

Liverpool: Klopp needs to improve consistency with more quality additions


Jürgen Klopp. And Liverpool.

The supposedly perfect marriage is suffering from its first moments of adversity, as the German is failing to get his team over the par when it comes to the easier games. A win against Barcelona (albeit in preseason) was followed by a 4-0 defeat at Mainz (albeit also in preseason). Similarly, a morale-boosting comeback victory over Arsenal last weekend was followed by a lowly 2-0 defeat in the hands of the newly promoted Burnley.

(Side-note: Burnley is not even noted as a correct word by Microsoft Word)

Liverpool had ‘81% possession’, according to Klopp, and failed miserably to do anything with it. The manager did not say this, but it is inferred that Sadio Mané was sorely missed. And that is where the problems start.

Ever seen Jurgen Klopp in a suit-and-tie during a game? (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

Liverpool’s decline has been so far and so downward that it has come to the point where one player can make the difference between winning and losing for them—not that it’s a bad thing, but it shows a lack of preparation on Klopp’s part. There probably isn’t a more antonymic way to describe Mr. Klopp. That description is so unfitting with the German’s work ethic that there’s likely a better chance of him turning up to a game in a suit (with a tie to go along).

In the wake of Mané’s absence, Sturridge was slotted in on the right-hand side whilst Firmino kept his spot as the false nine. It sounds somewhat like an experiment, if anything, and one that didn’t reap much success. Sturridge kept drifting in-field, as is his nature as a centre-forward, which gave the team less space to operate in.

Burnley’s defensive astuteness is laudable, but in truth, it wasn’t made too difficult for them. Unlike the Arsenal game where the players were amazingly in-sync with one another’s movements in the second half, the Reds’ passing was not up to the same standards in the final third of the pitch in this game. Overall, this will be a performance to forget for the legendary club, as they have a difficult away fixture against Spurs this coming weekend.

Daniel Sturridge wasn’t up to speed in Liverpool’s last game. (Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

In the meantime, Klopp has remained confident that the transfer business for his club as far as incomers go is completed. And this in the midst of the horror-showings of Alberto Moreno at left-back still ongoing without stoppage. Seriously, James Milner may be a jack-of-all-trades, but left-back? For Christs’ sakes.

Mignolet has also failed to even remotely convince supporters that he is a reliable choice at goalie, but it seems Klopp will persist with Loris Karius and await his return from injury. At this stage, Reds fans will be somewhat relaxed that it’s Spurs they face this weekend, and not another lowly relegation contender.

The craziness in that last train of thought is unreal.

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