According to new data, the Premier League had the highest player injuries among Europe’s top five leagues last season.

English clubs incurred the highest financial loss due to player injuries, totaling £184.57 million.

In Europe’s top five leagues, there were 4,810 injuries, a 20% rise from 2020-21.

The study, undertaken by insurance firm Howden, also discovered that injuries cost European clubs a total of £513.23 million, a 29% increase over the previous season.

Paris St Germain paid the most to injured players, £34.22 million.

Real Madrid, which won La Liga and the Champions League, had the most absences (114) and the second highest costs (£33.95 million).

With increased talk about fixture congestion, the study investigates whether the expenses of injury are becoming unsustainable for European clubs.

Several high-profile managers have spoken out against the pressure on their players, with a recent study from the players’ organisation FifPro indicating that top players could experience burnout if playing time is not limited.

According to Howden, the injury costs in the top five divisions – the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A – will exceed half a billion pounds for the first time in 2021-22.

Manchester United (81) and Liverpool (80) trailed Chelsea in terms of Premier League injuries, while champions Manchester City had 67 – an average of three absences per match.

Injuries to players under the age of 21 increased significantly across Europe, with 326 in 2021-22 compared to 30 in 2018-19.

There were also numerous cases of reoccurring injuries. There were 2,091 injuries among the 4,810 documented, with an average of 2.3 injuries per player.

Chelsea suffered more injuries than any other Premier League club last season, as mentioned before.

Out of 1,231 injuries to Premier League players, Chelsea faced 97.