Preview: Juventus in a battle of talents vs. wits against Sevilla


Juventus play against Sevilla at the Juventus stadium, and Allegri is under immense pressure to win the group this year, after the club finished second last season and paid the consequences by drawing Bayern in the next round.

UCL: Can the Foxes continue their Shakespearean tale?


These past few weeks, while Leicester City seem to have suddenly found their 2015/16 form, were shrouded in conspiracy theories in regards to why Ranieri was actually sacked. However, can the team move on and produce a strong performance against Atleti?

Lionel Messi has broken two new Champions League records

Lionel Messi has added to his ridiculous record collection with two Champions League achievements, including one in which he surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo. The seven-time Ballon...

Why are Champions League games played midweek?


It's the million dollar question: Why is club football's best competition played during the week when many can't watch them?

Champions League Draw

0 writes about the fact that The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) was forced to re-draw for the Champions League due to blunders...

Guardiola’s kamikaze tactics killed City’s chances of winning against Barcelona

At the Camp Nou, the outcome of the game was decided after just 17 minutes, when Lionel Messi broke the deadlock following a defensive...

UEFA Champions League: Haaland the inevitable

Haaland is one of those players who is completely irrelevant until he isn't. With six minutes remaining in this tense, slow-burning Champions League group...

Predicting the Unpredictable: If Atleti make a comeback, this could be...


Atletico's crunch-fight against Real is likely to end in disappointment. However, on the off chance that Real has an off day, how will Simeone's men exploit them?

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