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Barcelona vs. Espanyol 5-0: Post Match Thoughts

Barca had a rather fun night destroying their city rivals Espanyol in a game that was decided too soon for the viewers' liking.

Quick-fire Sale: Players Barcelona Needs to Sell this Summer

There's an overload of unnecessary players residing at Barca. The club needs to sell some of 'em off so that they can pay the salaries of Neymar and Messi.

Can Barcelona make it to the La Liga title without any more stumbles?

Barca's stumbles have led to suggestions of another blip before the season is over.

DEP 0-8 FCB: Have Barcelona recovered from their slump in form?

Barcelona's rout of Deportivo La Coruna is mildly suggestive of the idea that they have recovered from their slump in form.

Messi + 10: Why Argentina isn’t as successful as Barcelona

There are reasons why Messi cannot eclipse the same success that he achieves with Barca to his country, Argentina. For starters, the supporting cast is horrendous.

In remembrance of the Flying Dutchman Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff has passed away from the land of mere mortals, and his legacy is all that's left on this Earth.

Real Madrid and Atletico face off in a not-to-be-missed mouthwatering clash

Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. take on their city rivals in what is set to be a huge game for both parties.

Barcelona’s controversial penalty kick is unnecessary fuss generated by the Spanish media

Barcelona's exhibitionist style penalty may have wowed the world, but not anybody in the city of Madrid. And that's just sheer idiocy not to admire a sporting event such as this one.

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