Banco Santander’s deal with La Liga will expire next summer, which means the league will no longer be known as ‘La Liga Santander.’

According to a story in Marca today, EA Sports has purchased the naming rights to La Liga. The gambling titans will pay La Liga 30 million euros per year for five years, a huge increase from the previous arrangement, in which Banco Santander paid 17 million euros per year.

The agreement would begin with the 2023-2024 season, and the aim is that, in addition to financial rewards, the arrangement will have far-reaching branding benefits due to EA Sports’ global reach on the demographic that La Liga wishes to target.

From Marca’s report today, they state:

“The agreement between LaLiga and EA Sports is basically based on five pillars: technology, digital, content, grassroots sport and branding , and the ambition of the agreement is to revolutionize the way of interacting with fans and consuming content.

“The idea is that the alliance goes far beyond naming, trying to generate synergies between the virtual and real world that will go far beyond what can be imagined.

“In addition to the change in the nomenclature in LaLiga competitions, the agreement also includes a variation in all visual elements, such as logos, graphics and fonts. A complete facelift.

“As Expansión reported on July 14 , the new company will create exclusive content around the world, will include an approach with the closest fan to the current one, and will launch experiences known as WOW, that is, that exceed the expectations of the fan in a special mode.”

”It’s going to be a revolution, something we haven’t seen yet,” reveal sources close to the agreement. We already know, therefore, that EA Sports will take care of everything.

This is certainly a positive move for La Liga if it all proves to be true.

When the transaction goes live, it will have little effect on FIFA 23. The game’s release date of September 30 isn’t far away, and the early-access period for those who purchased the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition has already begun.

Many people were apprehensive about EA Sports’ tactics once its agreement with FIFA expired.

After all, the games have grown synonymous with the brand, and FIFA is a household name in the gaming world. However, it does not appear to be all doom and gloom, and more partnerships may be on the way.