On Monday night, Germany and England played a 3-3 draw in the UEFA Nations League at Wembley Stadium.

While Luke Shaw, Mason Mount, and Harry Kane earned headlines for scoring goals at home, English player Harry Maguire became a Twitter trend for all the wrong reasons.

In the 52nd minute of the game, the Manchester United player gave Germany a penalty, which Ilkay Gundogan scored to give Germany the lead.

It is worth noting that England has already been relegated from the top tier of the Nations League due to their poor performance in the competition.

Maguire’s recent troubles on the field have increased to the team’s woes, in addition to the team’s performance woes. Maguire gave ball to Jamal Musiala in the 52nd minute of Monday’s game before cutting down the Bayern Munich midfielder and giving a penalty to the German squad.

Maguire found himself in the German half 15 minutes later, while Kai Havertz curled a goal into the top corner with brilliance to give Germany a 0-2 lead.

In the 71st minute, Luke Shaw scored England’s first goal of the night, followed by Mason Mount’s second in the 75th minute.

England captain Harry Kane gave the home team a 3-2 lead with a penalty, but Kai Havertz equalised in the 87th minute.

Maguire has already lost his starting spot at Manchester United under their new manager Erik ten Hag, but England coach Gareth Southgate has retained faith in the defender.

As reported by the Associated Press, revealing his thoughts about the draw, Southgate said, “A couple of errors have cost us the goals, but I’ll focus on the fact they played with tremendous spirit and showed a belief that we haven’t shown in the last few games”.

English football fans on social media were miffed with Maguire’s performance against Germany and criticized him heavily. “Maguire is getting loads of hate right now and I don’t want to add more fuel to the fire but I genuinely can’t see a way back for him, he’s genuinely finished,” a user wrote.

At the same time, there were many other reactions by fans.