Opinion How to bet on the Euro 2021? Tips and...

How to bet on the Euro 2021? Tips and predictions


Anticipation has been building around Euros 2021 since the turn of the year. It’s a competition which would see 12 major cities in Europe and with 21 matches to play between 24 countries, there is a lot of betting opportunities for gamblers to benefit from. For sure, the current holders, Portugal, would do all they can to protect their trophy, we’d have to wait to see if they actually can. 

An overview of Euro 2021

The complete team list of Euros 2021 has been released ahead of the tournament starting on the 11th of June with Turvey Vs Italy. Scotland, North Macedonia, Slovakia and Hungary have all qualified through the playoff stage in November. The qualifying process was finished in 2019, therefore, the competition’s format would remain the same as what it was last year. The tournament format consists of the group stage, knockout stage, the round of 16, quarterfinals, semis and then finals.

As things stand, group F appears to be the toughest, consisting of Portugal, France, Germany and Hungary. A group with three former champions certainly promises some of the hottest matches and odds to follow. Based on the bookmaker you use, there are sure to be exciting odds around straight wins, goals scored and more. You can bet on the best football bookmakers depending on their odds and your preference.

Who are the favorites to win Euro 2021?

Most bookmakers have released their odds for each game, with England leading the way ahead of France, Belgium and Spain following an impressive qualifying campaign. They also had an impressive performance at the 2018 World Cup, where they got to the semifinal for the first time since 1996.

Germany was initially at the very top for odds but dropped out following the humiliating 6-0 defeat to Spain back in the November Nations League game. However, considering the quality of players they have, there remains a chance of weaving magic and performing beyond all odds. Despite this, it appears to be a long stretch, although they remain a house favorite.

Belgium under the wings of Roberto Martines has some of the best players in the tournament, and more than enough quality to beat anyone. Essentially, they remain favorite and have proved that by coming close in 3rd position during the 2018 world cup. Would they win? We would wait to find out.

Who are the home teams at Euro 2021?

Unlike previously held Euro competition, Euro 2021 would not be bound by any single country. Instead, it would be held across several countries, with 12 host cities across the continent. This way, there is no “home team” as such, and no one can boast of the benefit of having a home advantage throughout the competition.

This new system benefits the teams, fans and competition as a whole. Fans do not have to travel when the game is holding in their city, and the whole home soil advantage to a specific team is abolished.

In all, it’s mostly possible to cash out on your bets at any point in time, depending on the policies laid down by your bookmarks. The competitive nature of the tournament makes it difficult to determine how a team might perform, but that’s the whole point of betting. You have to study teams and make a decision based on findings.


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How to bet on the Euro 2021? Tips and predictions

Anticipation has been building around Euros 2021 since the turn of the year. It’s a competition which would...

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