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Soccity was created not so long ago with the dream of achieving something big in the footballing world. If you share this dream of ours, to create a soccer/football related site that is humorous, analytical, and informative at the same time, we encourage you to write with us.

We are in need of strong, passionate writers that sincerely care for and understand the game (real-life and/or virtual).

We will do the search engine optimization for you (if you want), as well as collaborate on any revisions that we make of it (if necessary) before we publish it on this site.

With this opportunity, you can gain valuable experience setting yourself up for the writing world, as well as make acquaintances with people who’ve “been there and done that”.  Our traffic levels are growing at incredible levels each week (we’re projected to hit 60k views this month, which considering we’re an all-organic project, is pretty amazing). Other important things to note:

  • Trust – this job will be an immense experience if we have complete faith in one another. You have to trust in the system, you have to trust the people, and most importantly, you have to trust yourself.
  • Execution – it should be in your utmost priority, when you are doing an assignment, to work on it with full commitment. Work without commitment never has and never will amount to anything. You put in the work and the commitment, you will be settled for life, whether it be in association with or without Soccity (we prefer it be with).

The relationship that we create with our readers is the most important thing and should be prioritized over everything else when you write your articles. You need to start thinking of your readers as your very own fans (yay!). And what is the golden rule in football?

Never disappoint a fan.

If you are interested in this sort of work (who wouldn’t be?), we would love to have you, and appreciate your understanding and continued support.

For further details and to apply, email us at [email protected].

Please make sure to send samples of your work if you’re applying via e-mail.

Additionally, you may also fill out this form below: