The Merseyside club is currently in ninth place, 15 points behind league leaders Arsenal and eight points off the top four after consecutive Premier League losses to Leeds and Nottingham Forest over the past two weeks.

Both of those teams began their respective games with Klopp’s team in the relegation zone.

Klopp made a strong defence of his team’s recent form before Liverpool’s final Champions League group stage match against leaders Napoli, with the Reds needing to win by four goals to finish top of the group.

Liverpool had only picked up four Premier League victories in its previous 12 games.

When questioned about whether his Liverpool team, which has won seven significant trophies in the last three years, is starting to wane, Klopp responded:

“The judgement of this will be later on in the season or maybe at the end of the season, where you say “that’s it” for the group of players or for this manager, if you want.

“Questions will be asked then. In this moment, it’s not 100 per cent fair to judge the team because that means the squad and we didn’t have [some of] them available.

“Up front, we miss top quality. With the amount of games we have, you usually would make changes and we can’t do that. It’s a similar situation in midfield, players who are out and came back. We’ve had this pretty much everywhere.

“We expect more out of ourselves. The players expect more and I expect more out of them. But we have to make sure we get steps.”

With his side woefully out of form, Klopp insisted he will give “all I have or even more” to change Liverpool’s fortunes around, but insists he is not “tired” in his role as Reds manager.

“In this game, we had some good moments,” said Klopp, speaking about the Leeds defeat. “The Leeds goalie had an exceptional game and you have to work and use that as well.

“That’s the challenge in the moment. Avoiding the mistakes and keeping the good stuff in, and you get there step by step. It was never a quick fix, now it looks like it’s not a quick fix. But we will not stop fighting.

“I didn’t read anything but everything will probably be judged me now. People look at me and they will say I look tired or whatever. I’m not. I cannot give that excuse.

“My job is not only being here in the moment when the sun is shining and someone gives us a trophy. My job as well is to be there in a really rough period and I will do that with all I have or even more, 100 per cent.”