Manchester United’s summer transfer window is probably not over yet as the club plans for its long-term vision success. The club’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is keen to plan for continued success in the years to come, even if he won’t be at the helm. NetBet Sport has looked into a review of the players likely to be featured in the starting lineup for Man United in the next four years. However, this is hypothetical, and things can take a change very quickly. After all, four years ago, no one would have thought that Ole Gunnar would be in charge of the giant club.

Dean Henderson

Although he might not be a unanimous choice in goal currently, Dean Henderson might be leading in the club in four years. Solskjaer has pointed out Dean Henderson as a priority choice for the season ahead, backed up by the fact that age favors him. The English shot-stopper will be at 28years in 2025 and is in the same position David De Gea was when he first joined from Athletico. With continued support, Henderson could become the unanimous goal soon, considering his distribution and leadership skills.

Aaron Wan Bissaka

Aaron Wan Bissaka, 23, is one of the best defensive full-backs in the premier league. However, there is still plenty of work to be done if he is to hold down the role for the club’s future. Often taken for granted, Bissaka is a fantastic player because he has only been in the club for two years and has done great. The club is demanding more of him in terms of the attacking aspect, and if he evolves into a more modern full-back, then there is no reason for the club to replace him. Ethan Laird could also get into the role and develop into a top-flight right back.

Harry Maguire

Although he will be approaching the end of his cycle at the club in 2025, Harry Maguire, currently 28 years, will still be the commanding force of the club. He is a match favorite to many of the club’s fans despite some shaky performances during his man united career. Harry Maguire could establish himself as a top-class defender in these remaining years ahead of a team-up with Raphael Varane.

Tenden Mengi

Although Maguire and Varane might be the prospectives for the immediate future of manchester United, the club will most likely require a refresh in defense which brings the ultimate time for Tenden Mengi, 19, to thrive. The Man United youngster performed very well on loan with Derby the previous season and already appears mature to be playing championships as a teenager. That means his future is bright. However, he has more work to do before becoming a top-flight defender and, for that matter, a regular one for the club.

Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw, 26, is currently the best left-back in world-class soccer already, and age favors him if he holds down the title for the following years to come. The worst of his injury is behind him, and he is succeeding in his leading role as a defender while presenting a constant threat in attack. By 2025, he will be at his 11th year at the club and still an excellent option for its defense, although there might be a growing need for a replacement by then.

Eduardo Camavinga

With United blessed with many versatile midfield options, these are some of the challenging positions to predict. Eduardo Camavinga might provide full-term stability. The club really admires the french youngster who will be at 22years in 2025, although he would prefer to move to Spain. In four years, Camavinga is likely to develop into a great defense specialist.

Bruno Fernandez

Bruno Fernandez, 26, could be the player partnering with Camavinga in midfield. The unique thing about Fernandez is that is can adapt his play to extend his stay in the starting lineup. Currently, he is the best-attacking midfield for the club and could jump into a deeper role by the time he is 30. He has the tenacity to play in a more physically demanding position, so he is suitable for the part.

The final word

Although Ole Gunnar is panning for the future of man united club, many fans emphasize football is now. But he has brought young talents into the club to bolster the upcoming seasons.


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