Without a shadow of a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best to grace the game of football. CR7 in itself is a brand as big as anything. With a huge following, ridiculous resume, and being the supreme superstar of football, there is always a massive interest from everyone when Ronaldo is looking to change clubs.

It happened when he first moved from United to Madrid, then shocking to Juventus, and now United again. Each time this man changes clubs he breaks the internet!

But this transfer window has been nothing like we have ever seen before as far as Ronaldo is concerned!

Now 37 and running his last few miles of football, there have been no takers for CR7!

The motive of wanting a transfer out from Manchester came with the priority of playing in the Champions League, something which United can’t provide.

Chelsea said no, PSG doesn’t want him, and Bayern has also reportedly said no. Atletico is said to be still interested and his former club Sporting Lisbon is lurking.

United on the other hand would hope that they can retain their star man.

With so much going on and so many clubs interested, a somewhat of a serious issue has turned into a comical one as time has passed by!

If it keeps going on for too long, people usually start seeing the funny side of it.

Such is human nature!

On Tuesday (July 19), Olympique Marseille fans created a Twitter trend expressing their desire for their team to sign Cristiano Ronaldo this summer. As part of the move, fans of the French club established the hashtag #RonaldOM.

According to RMC Sport, presenter Piers Morgan stated on the Manchester United forward’s future:

“I think he could end up in a rather surprising place.”

This is where the aspirations of Marseille supporters began. In reaction to Morgan’s comments, a club fan with the Twitter handle @basilebilo tweeted a photo of Ronaldo wearing a Marseille shirt. They continued, saying:

“Here is a profile photo to lead CR7 propaganda at OM! Do not listen to those who will say that it is not possible, impossible is not Marseilles. Welcome to us @Cristiano”

That is where the #RonaldOM campaign by Marseille supporters began. For a few hours on Tuesday evening, the hashtag was the most popular in France!

Many hilarious tweets followed after that. mostly put out by Marseille fans.

The fans of the French club understand that the trend must not be treated seriously. According to one of them, the 37-year-old striker is unlikely to join them this summer. Another person clarified:

“For all the embittered who take the hashtag to the 1st degree, we know very well that there’s no chance that CR7 will come but good in times of truce you have to pass the time, and by dreaming it’s even better. #RonaldOM”