When a player transfers to a new team, they will not expect to be immediately sold within days of moving to another club, unless they were forewarned it would happen, perhaps.

A player will likely be looking to settle down as quickly as possible and get straight to work and impress the manager that has decided to bring him in as they look to establish themselves in their new surroundings.

However, there have been instances where players have only had the opportunity to say “hello” which has then quickly been followed by a “goodbye” before they could even unpack their bags. Hopefully he managed to get in a game of online pokies real money can be won from beforehand!

Tottenham’s recent acquisition, Emerson Royal, is one perfect example of where this has happened, as the Brazilian had just made the switch to FC Barcelona from Real Betis, but was then told to leave just days later.

The team at GiveMeSport has managed to pick out a number of the other transfers that either did not go to plan or simply could be considered to have been incredibly strange. Here are just some of the ones that they highlighted.

Robert Jarni made a switch from Real Betis in 1998 and moved to Coventry City, however, he only lasted in England for a couple of weeks before Real Madrid decided they wanted to sign him.

It worked out for the Sky Blues, as they made a profit on him without even having the opportunity to play him. Speaking of turning a profit, heading to the best American casino sites is going to allow bettors to do just that for themselves!

David Unsworth is another full-back that did not last too long at a club, although it could be argued that family comes first above all else.

He moved from Everton to West Ham United in 1997, but the family failed to settle and he moved to Aston Villa where he did not even last a month before making a swift return to Everton. If London and Birmingham won’t do, maybe there is no better than Merseyside?

Dietmar Hamman is another player to have had a short stay at a club, although the German takes the biscuit with his move as he lasted all of a day.

After leaving Liverpool as part of Rafa Benitez’s cull, he agreed to a pre-contract with Bolton Wanderers in 2006 and looked set to be heading to the Reebok Arena.

However, Manchester City became interested in him and decided to give Bolton £400k to take him off their hands. Not a bad day’s work!