Opinion Players with the highest release clauses

Players with the highest release clauses


A release clause is one of those things in football that can be a great thing for a buying club or something that a club that has to implement it in a contract can just take advantage of and make a mockery of it.

Indeed, there is an element of protection attached to them in order to allow clubs to receive a price that they feel is fair for their player, whilst also being given the opportunity to essentially tell the rest of the world that their player is not for sale unless the team puts up a financial figure that has never been seen before.

Spanish clubs are famed for being obligated to provide a release clause in the contracts of their players, however it would seem that they have complete free reign when it comes down to setting the value of it, as this list from Goal shows.

In the article, Goal has provided readers with the top 10 release clause values in football at the moment and some of them are simply eye-watering. Clubs will really have to break the bank if they are ever to try and trigger these fees, whilst bettors may need to use all the free betting tips they can to try and raise their own funds.

This is the list that they have managed to create:

1. Karim Benzema – €1bn (£850m/$1.16bn)

2. David Alaba – €850m (£726m/$988m)

3. Antoine Griezmann – €800m ($683m/$930m)

4. = Federico Valverde – €750m (£641m/$872m)

4. = Luka Modric – €750m (£641m/$872m)

4. = Brahim Diaz – €750m (£641m/$872m)

7. = Marco Asensio – €700m (£598m/$814m)

7. = Vinicius Junior – €700m (£598m/$814m)

7. = Isco – €700m (£598m/$814m)

10. = Gareth Bale – €500m (£427m/$581m)

10. = Gerard Pique – €500m (£427m/$581m)

10. = Sergio Roberto – €500m (£427m/$581m)

Yep – there are some truly stunning figures to have been highlighted.

Starting with the obvious one, any club that would want to trigger Karim Benzema’s release clause would have to pay Real Madrid €1 billion to be able to acquire him.

In fact, Los Blancos have managed to protect themselves rather well with the clauses that they have implemented, as they have eight of the 12 players on the list.

David Alaba is the newest recruit at the Santiago Bernabeu and it seems he is as valued as anyone else despite only just moving to the club and approaching his 30s.

The Switzerland international has managed to win everything that there is to win – which helps when you spend most of your career at FC Bayern Munich – and will be looking to repeat those feats with Real Madrid now.

However, we all know that whilst the release clause is a tactic to keep players from being sold, they can still be moved on for a fee significantly lower than what has been set.


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