When thinking about a race in the Premier League, many will instantly think of the one that typically takes place at the top of the table.

Indeed, it can be rather exciting to see who wins the best football league in the world, with many punters continuing to head to platforms such as www.nhacaiuytin8888.com as they are able to choose from a variety of different sites that continue to offer them a selection of different odds and markets to enhance the viewing experiences.

However, while many of us consider the title race, it is important to remember that there is something that continues to happen at the bottom of the league that can be just as exciting, too.

In fact, according to a report by Forbes, it would appear this year’s relegation battle could be one of the most exciting for the last decade. That is because the bottom half of the Premier League table is closer after 12 games played than any other year in the last 10 to have taken place.

This has happened due to Nottingham Forest’s shock victory over Liverpool at the weekend, with the gap between the bottom-placed side and the top ten being just five points. Forest currently occupy that bottom spot, whereas West Ham United are mid-table.

In the article, it was pointed out that the gap at this stage of the season tends to be more than 10 points, with the smallest gap before this season having been just eight points which has happened on three occasions. The team at the bottom on two of those three occasions, though, has gone on to survive.

The Premier League is reaching a rather unique point in its season as there are only three more games to go before an enforced break due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and these games can be crucial for each of the teams involved, especially as the next set of fixtures are not due to take place until Boxing Day.

We have already seen some clubs react, with Midlands duo Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers having changed their managers already, while there have been tense moments at other clubs down the bottom, too, in regard to whether they would pull the trigger on their managers.

Leicester City, Leeds United, and even Nottingham Forest – prior to Steve Cooper’s new deal – had all been considered to be in the firing line, and with results continuing to be rather negative for Jesse Marsch, the American could be next to be shown the door.