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‘Lack of respect’ to Mourinho is not due to a lack of trophies—but due to his unrepentant mode of conduct

Jose Mourinho has complained, once more. This time, the topic seems to be the lack of respect he gets from the media. Someone should tell him respect is a give and get sort of thing.

How Schweinsteiger’s re-inclusion could help United reinstate their title credentials

Schweinsteiger has been thrown out of the frame by Mourinho since the Portuguese's arrival. However, Mou's decision to re-include the World Cup winner could pay dividends for Man United.

Weekend Verdict: Chelsea & City classy, United messy

This past weekend, as always, presented us with some wonderful goals and moves. Chelsea continue to impress, City bounce back (is it really a bounce-back?) and United, oh dear.

Manchester United’s road to redemption…The EFL Cup

Manchester United may have to win this year's EFL Cup to kickstart their new reign under Mourinho.

United’s draw against Liverpool will help further perfect Mourinho’s ideals and his sinister gameplan

United have made progress in the time Mourinho's been there—even though it isn't clearly visible at first. There's still work to do and games to win to further solidify their title challenge.

Manchester Drama: Is a break all that Jose Mourinho needed?

Jose Mourinho is struggling. At least that much is clear. One truly wonders how he'd fare had he taken a full year off, like Guardiola, rather than half a year, which is proving to be not enough of a break for the Portuguese.

Weekend Review: Barca stunned, Leicester routed, and Pep prevails

This weekend produced some of the most spectacular displays of football we've seen this year. Topped, of course, by City's win over United, and Barca's stunning loss to Alaves.

Another underwhelming season beckons Chelsea’s way should they sell Diego Costa

As the new Premier League season furtively glances the way of the clubs participating in it, Chelsea have an issue or two to address before the opening game. Diego Costa is the name of the biggest issue of all.

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