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Guardiola may have failed at first, but he will get it right next season

Pep Guardiola's first season in charge of City can be earmarked as being a disaster, both in terms of transfers and results. However, all this is about to change in the Spaniard's second year.

Spurs stay second, rivals stumble: Who will finish in top 4?

Spurs won on a weekend when some of their rivals dropped significant points. Who will finish in the top 4 of the Premier League? Mike has his crack.

UCL Review: Monaco & City goal-fest, Atletico’s incredible luck with forwards, & hope yet for Leicester

In this week's UCL review, Bemi discusses the incredible strikers of Atletico past-and-present, and what hope Leicester still have in this competition.

Why we shouldn’t criticize Mesut Ozil alone for Arsenal’s poor performances

Mesut Ozil has taken on the lion's share of criticism, it's fair to say, since Arsenal's miserable defeat at Manchester City. The Gunners, however, shouldn't have the German bear all the blame.

Weekend Verdict: Clear road ahead for Chelsea?

Chelsea's victory over title-favorites (though not anymore) Manchester City took the headlines this weekend. Can anybody stop the Blues?

Chelsea show Manchester City exactly what they’re missing with calm and clinical performance

Chelsea were given a scare by Manchester City at the Etihad, but Conte's men are the ones who now scare everybody else in the league after goals from Costa, Willian, and Hazard sealed the win.

Premier League Week 12: Top of the Table Round-up (and a bit on how Lallana is Messi in disguise)

Round 12 of the Premier League tempted to provide us with a few upsets, but in the end, the big four survived. The league table remains unchanged, though surely it won't be the case next week.

Weekend Verdict: Chelsea & City classy, United messy

This past weekend, as always, presented us with some wonderful goals and moves. Chelsea continue to impress, City bounce back (is it really a bounce-back?) and United, oh dear.

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