The teams who have earned a spot in the competition are excited to represent their nations in Qatar. However, several of the world’s top players won’t participate in this year’s competition. This is because their countries did not make it past the round of 32.

Every player’s dream is to play in the FIFA World Cup and represent their nation in front of huge crowds. It is the biggest sporting event since millions of fans watch these games live. Moreover, Football enthusiasts are also gearing up to place wagers on these games. Famous betting platform, Betway has released the World Cup betting odds for each team, and it has sparked a discussion around the most favourite nations to win the World Cup. 

Contrary to favourite teams and players, we will be discussing famous players who will not be able to take part in the upcoming World Cup.

Egypt’s Mohamed Salah

Senegal defeated Egypt on penalties in the AFCON 2022 championship game. Leading Ballon d’Or contender and the King of Egypt, who plays for Liverpool, lost a penalty in the shootout, making it impossible for him to travel to Qatar this year.

Norway’s Erling Haaland

As a result of his goal-scoring prowess, Haaland has become one of the most talked-about players in Europe. Manchester City won the race to recruit him before the start of the current Premier League season, and Haaland has already set several records during his brief stay in England. He will not be able to feature in the World Cup due to Norway’s loss to Turkey in UEFA Group G despite Haaland’s five goals in qualification, who finished second behind the Netherlands.

Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovich

The iconic striker had debated international retirement for some time, but he made himself available as Sweden advanced through the UEFA qualification round in search of a position. Ultimately, Poland defeated Sweden 2-0 in the playoff Path B championship match, keeping Zlatan at home for the finals in Qatar.

Colombia’s Luis Diaz

Colombia and Diaz will not compete in the 2022 World Cup after advancing to the knockout stages of the last two tournaments. In the qualifying round for CONMEBOL, they placed sixth. By only one point, they could not secure fifth place and the opportunity to compete in the continental playoff against either UAE or Australia.

Final Words

Football fans have been dealt a blow, as several of the biggest names in the sport will not compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Only time will tell if the players whose nations failed to qualify for the event this time will get another chance at future tournaments.