Adorned with some of the best footballers to have played in the modern game, Top Trumps: World Football Stars card game is going to be one of the best gifts that anyone can give to someone else, or even themselves!

The game follows the theme that many will have experienced when playing the Top Trumps classics that have been created and provided in the past, but bringing a brilliant football experience along with it in this particular version.

There is an element of strategy to the game as players are going to have to make the right choices with each card that they have at the top of the deck, with each decision being made potentially having an outcome on the game that is being played; just like a football manager may have when pacing up and down the touchline when thinking about their own next move.

As football fans will already know, there is plenty of emotions that can be experienced on a matchday and there are a range that can be felt when playing Top Trumps: World Football Stars, as well. There will be jumping for joy as winning cards can make them celebrate, whilst losing efforts will leave players frustrated and perhaps even sad at the outcome!

Each pack of Top Trumps: World Football Stars consists of 30 world-class footballers, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, N’Golo Kante and Harry Kane amongst many of the superstars to have been included, with each of them having been provided with a card that features a quality image of them!

Furthermore, each card will consist of a number of different stats and a short biography that can be used as an educational tool, thus making this game incredibly fun and enjoyable to play, whilst there will also be an element of learning to it.

Stats available on the card include player’s number of international caps, their total goals, the number of trophies that they have been able to win, the year of their birth and the Top Trumps rating that has been awarded. These stats are vital in the way the game is played, as they can determine whether someone is a winner or a loser at the final whistle!

The rules are as follows:

  • Before playing, simply shuffle the deck of 30 superstar footballers and then deal them face down to each person who is playing.
  • Players are only permitted to be able to look at their top card and can not look at any of the other cards that they may have.
  • Once the top card has been drawn, the person who goes first will be required to try and beat the others playing by calling out their best stat.
  • The other players will then reveal whether they will be able to beat it or if they have been defeated in that particular round.
  • The winner is the person that has the highest value and they will then collect all of the cards that were in play for that round.
  • The overall winner will be the first person to collect all of the cards!

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