Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has said he has no respect for manager Erik ten Hag in a sensational new interview.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, the Portugal international lashed out at Man Utd and manager Ten Hag.

Ronaldo, who has made only four Premier League starts this season at Old Trafford, has revealed just how dissatisfied he has been with life at the Premier League club.

“I don’t have respect for him because he doesn’t show respect for me,” he said with regards to Ten Hag. “If you don’t have respect for me, I’m never gonna have respect for you.”

Ronaldo also said he felt he had been “betrayed” by Man Utd and blamed for everything that has gone wrong at the club, making him feel like a “black sheep.”

Ronaldo also added that he still wants the best for Man Utd but simply feels things are not being done in the right way at Old Trafford.

“I think the fans should know the truth. I want the best for the club. This is why I come to Manchester United,” he added.

“But you have some things inside that don’t help (us) reach the top level as City, Liverpool and even now Arsenal . . . a club with this dimension should be top of the tree in my opinion and they are not unfortunately.”

After the forward left the Red Devils’ match against Tottenham before the end of regulation, Ten Hag has already dropped Ronaldo this season.

Therefore, it is not a stretch to say that Ronaldo may have already played his final match for the Red Devils as a result of his inflammatory remarks.

The 37-year-old is expected to join the Portugal World Cup team. On November 17, they play a friendly against Nigeria before taking on Ghana in their Group H debut.